Kapitel 6: Die Rettung der Schreikraniche
6.3 Bericht 2002: Übersicht über 2 Winter und 3 Sommer

Summary of the analysis of recordings in WBNP 2000, 2001 and 2002 and correlation with ANWR 2000, 2001

Recordings made by Brian Johns (WBNP) and Bernhard Wessling (ANWR), Analysis by Bernhard Wessling

December 27, 2002

herever possible, WBNP pairs were correlated with pairs in Aransas winter territory; in contrast to a table provided last year, where all crane pairs recorded in Aransas by me in two winters have been correlated with the first recordings by Brian in summer 2000, here it is the other way around: starting from pairs recorded in WBNP (and correlated with each other, where possible), those which I had found also in Aransas are mentioned.

I have revised some of the earlier correlations between pairs in ANWR (99/00, 00/01) and WBNP (2000). It should again be mentioned, that the analysis of Whooping Crane calls is more complicate and more sensitive to mistakes than in case of Common Crane calls (according to my experience), as most of the WC are related with each other and the calls more similar. But now, with ever more recordings and analyses, especially with more recordings from a given pair (and not only one), the assignments have become even more reliable. It was possible now to distinguish and assign even such calls, where the spectra are extremely similar and prone to generation of mistakes.

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