Kapitel 3: Individuelles Kennenlernen, Verhalten und Intelligenz
  1. Y. Ferrand, Gibier Faune Sauvage, 4 214 - 254 (1987)
  2. C. Walcott et al., Bioacoustics 10 101 - 114 (1999)
  3. in 2 years, 2 different male loons occupied a territory which the factor analysis was not able to distinguish; in another year, a known loon invaded the territory of another known loon and displaced the former owner; the displaced loon established nearby but its "yodel" call changed so that it was not grouped any more in the same factor space as before, so would have been considered to belong to a different bird according to the program used; also the invador's yodel had changed, but less dramatically; several other examples confused the authors so that they concluded that changing the territory also changed the loon yodel; cf. footnote 11
  4. thanks go to Frank Golchert, who consulted in purchasing of hardware and modified it according to my concept
  1. thanks go to H. Hoffmann, a former "mathematica" support technician, who helped me to develop this special protocol
  2. using my analysis, als apparently changed calls showed the same fingerprint as before territory change, and the confusion raised by "Canary 1.2" became obvious: the birds were partially "overblowing", so that the program did not find the correct frequency of the introducting tone (which was to be found at double frequency as overtone only), and some other slight changes in the call structure not at all significant had nevertheless put the respective calls outside of the factor space
  3. performed by the International Crane Foundation, Baraboo, Wisconsin, in Briggsville, WI; Jeb Barzen personal communication
  4. K. Koga, B. Wessling, to be published
  5. B. Wessling, to be published
  6. K. Koga, personal communication referring to a Japanese publication
  7. K. Koga, B. Wessling, to be published
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