Kapitel 5: Der Mandschurenkranich (grus japonensis)
5.3 Sprachforschung („Kranichdialekte“) in Korea im Jahr 2000

Differences in vocal expressions between Japanese and mainland China Red-Crowned Cranes

t was George Archibald who asked me to find out if there are any significant differences in the unison call structure (and the structure of other vocal expressions) of the red-crowned crane (grus japonensis) between the populations living in China (wintering in Korea) and the one living on Hokkaido. They will be abbreviated in the following as K-RC and J-RC.

For this study, I had used the recordings I had made in Japan in February 1999 on the wintering sites and in June 1999 in 13 breedings sites, and compared them with recordings I had made in February 2000 in Korea at the demilitarized zone.

Out of about 150 recordings (including recordings of expressions made by white-naped cranes as well as guard calls of K-RC), 23 files of unison calls of K-RC have been selected. For the J-RC, 30 unison call files are available.

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